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Missing You   / Gladys Flaggs (Daughter)
You are so missed. Sometime I am just lost for words as to how I feel.
Missing You   / Sedrick
It seems as time passes, I miss you more! I love you!
Thinking of my Grandma!!   / Floyd Harris (Grandson)
Grandma, we dont spend as much time together as I would like to, but, I always think of you and wish we lived in the same city. Love you
Thanksgiving  / Sedrick Flaggs (grandson)
Enjoyed seeing everyone for Thanksgiving!!!
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Special Memories
95th Birthday Celebration  
Once again, a great celebration spearheaded by grandchild, Sherry.  The celebration was held at the Best Western Hampton Inn.  A host of the grancchildren were present and we have a great time. 
Christmas 2008  
Christmas was nice and small.  Laura and Robert, Gladys, Vera, Peardie and Archie was present.  We have turkey & dressing, collard greens, cheese and macroni, cornish hens, potatoe pie, caramel cake and some other kind of cake Laura brought that I forgot the name of.  Everyone really enjoyed the dinner.
94th Birthday Celebration  
The 94th Birthday Celebration was held in the home of Ms. Gladys Flaggs at 1006 Holly Circle.  The following children was in attendance.  Laura Wheeler and her husband, Robert, Peardie Lindsey,; Floydena Epting and her husband Weldon, Sr., Archie L. Flaggs, Ernest J. Flaggs, Grady and his wife, Wanda.  We had a glorious time.  E. L. and Grady had a ball bar-b-queing.  All of the children pitched in made different food items to make this celebration a success.  Special thanks goes out to grandchild, Sabrina for her untiring effort to make sure that celebration took place.  The following grandchildren were present:  Sabrina, Sedrick, Jermaine, Hadrian, Sherry, Jessica, Terrance, Christopher, Christine, Tommie, Floyd, Alonzo, and Chiquetta.  There many friends and visitors.  E. L. and Joyce Epting have become a permanent part of the family.  Their children were also present.  We consider them grands also.
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94th birthday
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